Welcome to the Rainmakers' League

RML (Rainmakers' League) is a points based program that has been created to reward your efforts on an ongoing basis. Rainmakers' League program offers you an array of redemption opportunities for your accumulated e-points. For every policy sold, you will earn points.

The point you accumulate can used for an array of attaractive redemptions opportunities including TVs, refrigerators,  mobile handsets or even gold!


For example: In this current contest, Mr. Nair gets business worth Rs. 1 lakh WRP issued. In this case, his base RML points will be computed on the basis of the table for base rewardss, i.e., he will be eligible for RML points worth 3% of the issued WRP. Therefore, he will get Rs. 3,000 worth of RML points. The e-points that will be credited to his account will be based on the conversion of 1 point being equivalent to Rs. 0.75, i.e., for the Rs. 3,000 earned, 4,000 points will be credited to his account at the end of the contest.

Regards - Team Rainmakers'